Why Businesses Use Edco’s Static Shielding Bags and Moisture Barrier Bags

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For any industry that manufactures and distributes any kind of tangible, material product, Edco Supply Corporation can help make your company run smoother. Our mil spec packaging exceeds industry standards, ensuring that whatever your company needs to transport, we have just the kind of packaging to do it. Here is a brief description of two items that many of our clients find particularly useful.

Static Shielding Bags

The prime purpose for using static shielding bags is to protect electronic items that have a high risk of static electricity damaging their functionality. Static shielding bags have several layers of aluminum that shields the item inside the packaging from consuming static electricity. They also contain polyester and polyethylene for the purpose of dissipating static shock.

Items such as Random Access Memory (RAM), central processing units (CPUs), hard drives, and memory and graphics cards are a few examples of products that are susceptible to what we call electrostatic discharge (ESD). For the transportation of any of these items, we recommend packaging them with static shielding bags, so as to ensure their safe arrival to their destinations.

Moisture Barrier Bags

Businesses use moisture barrier bags to protect against corrosion. They package items that are susceptible to water damage, especially when the sender knows that it will pass through humid or moist areas in transit in moisture barrier bags. For some items, even just high amounts of oxygen or airborne contaminants have the potential to compromise their functionality.

Businesses that know this and fail to utilize the proper military specification packaging to protect their items face, in a best-case scenario, the return of the product, and in the worst case, a potential lawsuit.

Such packaging can also protect against ESD, dust, debris, the elements, and pests. Clients utilize our moisture barrier packaging inventory for products such as pet food, fertilizers, berries and nuts, buildings materials, grains, coffee, industrial parts, spices, and more. Edco provides one of the largest flexible packaging inventories in the country.

We offer moisture barrier packaging in the following forms: roll material sheets, re-closable (zip-lock) bags, tubing, pressure sensitive bags (with barcodes), and more. You also have the option of color-coding when you’re sending, as we offer our clients the option of choosing from 8 different colors.

For more information on our static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags, or any of our other mil-spec packaging products, please call us today at 718-788-8108.

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