What Makes The Edco Staff Unique?

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At Edco, we value experience, an open mind to new ideas, and the ability to communicate clearly and patiently with clients and customers, no matter their needs. We didn’t get to where we are today through luck. We got here through hard work and perseverance, which would not have been possible without the right people working to meet our goals. So what is it that makes the Edco staff so good at what they do? It has a lot to do with the varied assortment of expertise from which our employees have to draw, along with a special knowledge in desiccant packs and mil spec packaging.

Manufacturing and Distribution Experts

Our packaging is perfect for manufacturers and distributors, as they are the ones who are transporting goods in bulk. Whether it’s food, medicine or electronics, moisture and temperature control are vital factors. Without our mil spec packaging, equipped with moisture and oxygen absorbing desiccant packs, vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bags and VCI paper, and humidity indicators, manufacturing companies would be extremely limited in the reach they would have with regards to distribution.

Accounting and Sales Experts

We pride ourselves on the extensive experience in the field of mil spec packaging distribution that each of our sales representatives have to draw from. When speaking to one of our sales representatives, you will be able to locate the product that most perfectly fits your company’s needs. That’s because most of our employees, especially those working in sales and accounting, have up to a decade or more in the business, often times working here with Edco Supply Corporation.

Excellent Customer Service

We always put the customer first. Our clients are our number 1 priority. Because without our customers, we would not be where we are today. We’re always looking for ways to adapt our business model to fit the needs of our customers. We base these adjustments on what our customers tell us. For this reason, we always listen closely to whatever they have to say.

The Edco staff always goes above and beyond. We know what we have to offer and we’re proud of it. All of our products are of the absolute highest available quality. Anything less would never land in the hands of a customer or client. To learn more about our business to business mil spec packaging supplies and distribution services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 718-788-8108, or feel free to reach out online on our contact page.

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