What is MIL-STD-310?

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One of our articles this month discusses Military Standard 2073, which is a rule applied to mil-spec packaging to protect against environmentally induced deterioration of products.  For more information, follow this link to the article (attach to first blog).  As we’re exploring the different regulations that the military has on mil-spec packaging, there’s another rule that we’d like to discuss: MIL-STD-310.  (Related topics: military tape)


MIL-STD-310 are test methods used for the evaluation of materials used in military packaging applications.  This is crucial because not all items that the military receives will be used immediately.  When these products are stored for long periods of time, in different climates, the packaging needs to be able to protect them during this time.  These tests indicate 15 test method standards that are required to support the testing of materials used in packaging.  There are a variety of factors that are considered, such as thickness, corrosiveness, water resistance, and even how easily the package can be punctured.


There are 3 groups that mil-spec packaging can fall into:

  • A – Long-term storage with the ability to withstand harsh handling, storage, or shipping. These packages can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • B – Will be able to survive shipment around the United States, with long-term storage and handling.
  • C – This level requires minimum protection, as it will have a direct delivery in the United States, and won’t be stored for long periods of time.


MIL-STD-310 is important because it provides an item with the correct mil-spec packaging to survive any scenario.  At Edco Supply Corporation, our goal is to provide our soldiers with the necessary products, without having any defects.  If you are unsure of what group that your product belongs to, you can explain to us exactly what you need and we will assist you in the process.

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