What Is ESD And Why Should You Care?

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What Is Electrostatic Discharge?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is when electricity transfers from one charged object to another. It can vary largely in voltage depending on how charged are each of the objects. ESD occurs when these two objects come within close proximity. In so many words, ESD is a fancy way to describe a shock. If strong enough, in some cases, ESD can lead to sparks that in turn can produce hazardous fires. With our static shielding bags, no such event will ever happen on your watch.

The ESD You Don’t Have To Worry About

ESD, in some scenarios, is relatively harmless. For example, when you rub your hand against your fleece sweater and then touch a light switch, you feel a small but noticeable shock in your finger. Depending on how much you rubbed your finger on your sweater and perhaps the design of your light switch, that shock will usually be somewhere between a small, forgettable sensation to one that is ever so slightly disconcerting. But rarely is it something worth bringing up to your doctor. For the most part, ESD in this context is not your greatest concern.

When ESD Is A Problem

On the other hand, you also have the kind of ESD that can severely damage some very expensive items. We are referring to electronic hardware. When in transit, with no more than 100 volts worth of ESD to your electronic components, you can cause irreversible damage. Remember that analogy about the forgettable shock to your finger from the fleece sweater and the light switch? That shock generated anywhere between 1,000 and 30,000 volts. So when we tell you that protecting your hardware with nothing short of the best ESD protective packaging, we mean it.

How EDCO’s Static Shielding Bags Will Keep Your Hardware Safe

If you have to ship electronic hardware devices and you want them to make it to the other side in one piece, with no damage from electrostatic discharge, EDCO’s static shielding bags are a necessity. Our packaging is of the highest available quality, as it comes with military specification grade protection, which not only meets, but surpasses the industry standard.

ESD warning symbols are standard on Edco’s static shielding bags. However, if you prefer not to have the symbols on your packaging, that is also an option. The labeling is up to you, since our static shielding bags keep the ESD to an absolute minimum.

For more information about our static shielding bags, give us a call at 718-788-8108.

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