What are VCI Bags and How are They Used?

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VCI – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor – bags basically represent poly packaging film that is transformed into bags and then manufactured with added VCI power. The molecules of the vci offer the best protection for metals against destructive corrosion. The thin, invisible layer on the surface of the item will protect it perfectly from air, moisture and certain contaminants. Edco Supply Corporation offers a vast range of vci bags manufactured in different sizes, shapes and weights- so that you can find the best packaging item for your products.

VCI bags are also responsible for the emission of certain molecules that will nicely settle on the metal surface of the packaged item. Thus, it will form an invisible layer of protection against corrosion. If you have such items in inventory or you are often shipping such items that need protection, then you should invest in quality vci bags to ensure they are properly protected.

Top benefits of vci bags:

  • Vci bags offer the best corrosion protection & represent a safe packaging option at the same time
  • Any metal items that are protected with vci bags during packaging are ready for immediate use once you unpack them
  • You can find a wide range of sizes and shapes- so you can easily find the vci bag suitable for your item
  • Vci bags are recyclable- a highly important factor in today’s world
  • Vci bags can successfully last for even up to 15 years or more. Of course, this highly depends on how often you open & close the bag.

The vci bags offer protection against rust, right before it starts forming. This is why it is so important to protect your items using such bags. These bags are also heat sealable; they are extremely strong and stretchable. VCI bags represent a highly economical way of safeguarding metal items against corrosion. These bags are also water resistant, and they can be applied extremely easily to items and also they can be removed with great ease. These types of bags also offer great protection to items made of silver for example, which are generally exposed to tarnishing.

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