Three Electronics Products That Should Be Stored in Anti Static Bags

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As an electronics business owner, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to store your products with the right protective packaging. Keeping your goods and materials safe from harm until they are ready to be delivered to a customer is essential for your success. That’s why investing in anti-static bags makes so much sense. These bags feature a cutting edge Faraday cage layer that helps to shield your electronics from electric energy inside of the bag.


Anti-static bags also prevent static build up inside the protective packaging. Protecting your electronics products from static discharges both inside and outside the packaging is a must. Below, we are going to provide you with some details on three electronics products that should be stored in anti-static bags. That way, you can gain more insight into what anti-static bags have to offer your business.


  1. Computer Hard Drives

If your business deals with computer hard drives, you probably recognize just how important it is to protect them. Computer hard drives are extremely delicate and can experience damage from a variety of different things. Electrostatic discharges can leave you with a hard drive that no longer functions, which is why using anti-static bags makes so much sense. A computer hard drive can be stored in an anti-static bags until it is ready to be used. You can always rely on protective packaging from EDCO Supply Corporation to protect your expensive computer parts like hard drives.


  1. Circuit Boards

It’s amazing to think about all of the different components that go into a circuit board. With all of the different parts, it’s easy for a circuit board to experience damage. That’s why this is another electronics product that should be safeguarded with anti-static bags. Maker sure you are storing your circuit boards in anti-static bags to avoid expensive damages to your products.


  1. Sound and Video Cards

If your company produces sound and video cards for computers, it’s absolutely crucial that you protect them with anti-static bags. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it comes to expensive computer parts like these cards. Make sure you are storing your sound and video cards in an anti-static bags until they are ready to be used or shipped out to a customer.

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