The Main Benefits of VCI Packaging Materials

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The Main Benefits of VCI Packaging Materials

The manufacturers that ship, store or produce certain metallic components are faced by quite a few challenges when they need to package their products. Rust and corrosion represent the biggest perils for these items, if nit packaged correctly using vci bags for example. VCI packaging materials are anti-corrosive and they offer several benefits to the manufacturer. VCI- or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor- packaging is basically made up of molecules that will hinder the formation of corrosion by forming a thin protective film on the metal surfaces.

During shipping, storing and packaging it is extremely important to protect these sensitive metal parts and components from rust and corrosion. So what are the main benefits of vci bags and other vci types of packaging materials?

  • Packaging performance increases greatly, while the costs are reduced significantly
  • Vci packaging is extremely easy to use. You just need to insert the metal components/items into such a bag and then seal properly. After long hours of being stored in these bags, the items can be taken out and used immediately, without presenting any signs of corrosion or rust. There is also no other processing needed- just take out the item and it is ready for use.
  • Different vci packaging materials can be easily adapted to different shapes and sizes of the items that you need to store, ship or package. Thus, you can save significant space in the warehouse for example. Furthermore, you can easily handle these products because the packaging matches the size/shape of the items.
  • Vci packaging materials are extremely safe to use. These are also recyclable materials so you can use them with confidence within your business.
  • VCI packaging will offer the best protection for metal components and parts. The vci packaging protects not only against corrosion, but also against certain mechanical types of influences that arise during storage or even during transportation.
  • Vci packaging materials have a very long shelf life. They are resistant and offer protection for up to 5 years to the items packaged with these materials.

Do not let corrosion and rust become an issue for your valued items. Use proper vci packaging for storing, shipping and packaging.

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