The Importance of Mil-Spec Packaging

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Uniformity is very important in the U.S. military because when there’s consistency, there’s efficiency.  They have even assigned each branch an appropriate uniform depending on their branch.  Another area where the military benefits from consistency is in their mil-spec packaging.  The military became aware that they needed mil-spec packaging during World War II, when they experienced many packaging misfortunes.  This war started a slow start of regulations with mil-spec packaging, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the U.S. Department of Defense started a program to reform mil-spec packaging in order for it to reach a certain level of quality.


Military Standard 2073 covers military specified methods of preservation to protect products against damage caused by environmental factors.  This includes corrosion, deterioration, physical and mechanical damage, and other forms of degradation.  It also specifies how to perform quality inspections of packaged products before shipment.  The process of following Military Standard 2073 includes these important steps: selecting exterior containers, assembling items into containers, bracing or cushioning packages, weatherproofing, strapping, and marking.


There are situations that equipment can be shipped without following military specification, such as if the military plans to use the items immediately.  If the items enter the military distribution system, however, they need to meet the requirements.  Since military shipping has become more regulated, the supplies are able to reach our troops more efficiently.


At Edco Supply Corporation, we know how important it is for our troops to receive their supplies.  That’s why we manufacture a wide range of protective packaging, including desiccant packs, military tape, VCI paper, anti-static bags, and more.  We also have monthly overstock specials on excessive inventory items or returned items.  Not only do we guarantee that the products are free from defects, but also they comply with current military standards.

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