Static Shielding Bags: What You Need To Know

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Protective packaging plays an extremely important role especially if you are a business owner and want to keep your customers happy with the items you ship. Static shielding bags represent a special type of packaging aimed at protecting ESD- sensitive products against static electricity. As you may know, static electricity can easily build up within an enclosed bag, but with the help of such packaging you can easily avoid this problem. Typically, static shielding bags are made with an inner layer of polyethylene which dissipates the static electricity. Then, the polyethylene layer is also covered by an aluminum shield layer. The role of this material is to allow you to touch such sensitive products without worrying about the occurrence of static damage.

Some electrostatic-sensitive devices and items that require such static shielding bags include: computer cards, the laser types of diodes, high precision resistors, the transistors that are used to make integrated circuits, chips, and LEDs.

There is a difference between the antistatic bags and the static shielding bags. For example, antistatic bags will prevent the buildup of static electricity for items that do not carry a charge. On the other hand, static shielding bags also prevent the static electricity buildup from happening and the bag protects the items from any electrostatic damage. Many people make confusion between the two types of packaging, so if you need to safely store or ship a computer card for example, you will need to use protective packaging such as static shielding bags.

It may easily happen that you will have to use an additional layer of packaging, such as a bag that is moisture repellent. If your item packed in a static shielding bag is held in a place with high humidity levels, then you will need to use such a moisture barrier type of packaging in addition to the static shielding bag.

Edco Supply Corporation offers you the widest range of protective packaging supplies. Select the right dimension of static shielding bag for your items and rest assured they will be perfectly protected from static electricity damage.

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