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At Edco Supply Corporation, we are the leading converter and supplier of mil-spec packaging.  All of our products meet U.S. military requirements and we provide a signed certificate of compliance so that you can feel confident that our products will meet any military specifications.  We are proud of our large line of mil-spec packaging, but what you may not know, however, is that our products can also be used for everyday and commercial use.  This article introduces some of our products and how they are utilized not only for military use, but for commercial use as well.


Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs use Kraft Paper or Tyvek to absorb moisture, chemicals, and odors to protect products from humidity and rust.

  • Military Use: Desiccant packs are used to protect any kinds of electronics or machinery that the military needs.  They are also used to protect food because the moisture leads to mold, ruining any food that needs to be shipped to the army.
  • Commercial Use: As stated above, desiccant packs are used to protect food, so almost all food suppliers use them to preserve their products, including coffee, spices, dry fruits, vegetables that sprout quickly, and more. As for electronics, even if a company is not sending heavy machinery like the army, they can use desiccant packs to protect phones, computers, automatic kitchen supplies, and more.


Anti-Static Bags

Anti-static bags prevent the buildup of static charge by simulating a Faraday cage effect that shields electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields.

  • Military Use: Anti-static bags are used to protect missiles, explosives, electro sensitive devices, micro circuits, semiconductors, and thin film resisters.
  • Commercial Use: Any electronic device that needs to be protected from electrostatic fields should use anti-static bags, which include the same electronics stated above: phones, computers, and more.


VCI paper

VCI paper is a film treated with engineered chemicals to prevent salt, dirt, and oxygen from causing corrosion on metals.

  • Military Use: Any military product or machinery made out of titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, or nickel can benefit from using VCI paper.
  • Commercial Use: Any commercial products made out of metal should also use VCI paper, such as key chains, bells, sheets of metal, and more.

This article explains the military and commercial use of 3 of our products, but we have other protective packaging such as military tape, moisture barrier bags, and folding cartons.

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