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In the military, there are lots of rules so that things can be done correctly and efficiently.  This can even be seen in the uniforms that the soldiers where, how they make their bed, and more.  Every detail is consistent so that every expectation can be met.  This is very important in the military, as they work in high-pressure areas, meaning a great system is crucial.  The military also has sets of rules for mil-spec packaging; one of these rules is Military Standard 2073.


Military Standard 2073 is applied when an item is entered into the military distribution system.  This rule identifies methods of preservation to protect against physical and mechanical damage, environmentally induced deterioration, and other forms of degradation during storage.  This is important because these damages can be easily prevented, but if they’re not, the product may malfunction.  For example, VCI paper is treated with engineered chemicals that prevent salt, dirt, and oxygen from depositing on any protected metal.  This means that VCI paper can be used to protect against corrosion.


Military Standard 2070 is concerned about military preservation, which can be done by processes such as cleaning, drying, wrapping/cushioning, unit packing, and identifying.  There are also different types of military preservation, which includes physical protection, preservation coating only, waterproof protection, water vapor proof protection, and water vaper proof protection with desiccant packs.


This is just an introduction of mil-spec packaging, but there are more rules that need to be followed, other than just Military Standard 2073.  At Edco Supply Corporation, our customer service representatives have an average of 10+ years of experience.  This means that they can recommend the right mil-spec packaging for each individual case.  In addition, we also provide a signed certificate of compliance with each mil-spec packaging.  This certificate will give you confidence that your mil-spec packaging follows current military requirements.

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