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Shipping used to be quite a chaotic and unstandardized industry, until the US military decided to step in and basically revolutionize everything. Decades ago, every company out there could decide for itself what type of packaging it will use to deliver all sorts of goods that were shipped on freight trains and through other methods. Today, we have what is called mil spec packaging– because the military standardized shipping and thus factories, warehouses and different manufacturers can now work using packaging items of the same specifications and dimensions. Thanks to the mil spec packaging boom, large containers can now be moved without problems from the truck to the ship without actually being open.

Thanks to the fact that the military standardized their container systems, businesses started to follow the trend which turned our extremely advantageous and efficient. Today, the shipping industry on a global level is very well put together and highly efficient and also safe, exactly because of this standardization carried out by the military many years ago. We have mil spec packaging that is now available to any business that need safe, protective and high quality packaging to store and ship different goods.

Some of the types of packaging materials that fall under the mil spec packaging umbrella include:

  • Different wooden crates and standardized pallets
  • Sealable bags (such as heat bags)
  • Weather resistant carton packaging materials
  • Military grade tape
  • Standard labeling systems for easy organization
  • Cushioning systems to keep items safe during transportation
  • Humidity indicators and a wide range of desiccant packaging solutions
  • Tubes and barrier bags

You should always work with a highly reputable manufacturer of mil spec packaging. This way you will ensure that all your goods are kept safe and in the best conditions both during storage and during transportation. Edco Supply Corporation offers a vast range of such mil spec packaging solutions for the needs and requirements of any business out there. Check out the available items, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for any question or concern. We can help you select the right type of packaging for your items.

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