Why Water Is So Damaging To Electronics And How To Keep Them Dry

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You are in the business of electronics. You are in the digital age, which means whatever kind of electronics you offer, business is probably going pretty well. That means that a lot of people are relying on you to keep your electronics safe from physical harm. That entails protecting them from trauma in transit. But more importantly, when it comes to electronics, it means keeping them away from water and moisture. It is an unfortunate truth that the substance on which all of life depends is often the sole destroyer of some of our most valued material belongings. But it’s a fact of life, and it’s your responsibility to take it seriously.

Keeping electronics dry means more than just tossing them into plastic bags. It’s more than just covering them up with saran wrap. You are in the business of electronics, which means keeping your most valuable products dry, safe, and marketable, means going the extra mile. It means utilizing Edco Supplies Corporation’s impenetrable desiccant bags, designed specially for keeping water out, and your electronics in.

Why Is Moisture Such A Pertinent Risk For Electronic Devices?

Many electronic devices use a circuit card. You’ve seen those tiny little green squares with little designs that look mildly similar to braille on top of them. It’s on those little cards that you’ll find all of the memory that makes those devices tick. Electronics that use these circuit cards are called “Surface Mount Devices”. Here’s the thing. Those circuit cards are plastic, and they tend to absorb moisture in the air. When there’s too much moisture in the air, whether that’s due to overcast weather or heat from soldering, that moisture can turn to steam, which in turn will damage the device. As you can see, even without dropping your electronics in a bowl of water, you can still end up with water damage if you don’t provide the proper protection.

How Desiccant Bags Can Protect Your Devices

Desiccant is an agent which protects your electronic devices from air moisture. It absorbs the moisture and humidity in the air. That means the agent will absorb moisture that has remained in the space after having packaged the item. It will also absorb any moisture that may somehow penetrate the bag in transit. This allows you to transfer the items through extreme climates and temperatures without the concern of that translating into moisture damaging your device.

Why Edco?

Edco offers United States military specification grade clay (and sometimes silica gel) desiccant packaging.. Our packaging has passed the highest level testing procedures, utilizing Kraft Paper, film foil, and Tyvek as the primary materials. In addition to absorbing moisture, they also absorb strong odors, damaging chemicals, and other properties that could potentially damage or blemish the quality of the device. In short, by using Edco’s desiccant bags, businesses can count on their products arriving to their destinations in their original quality.

To learn more about Edco Supplies Corporations desiccant bags, or to inquire about any of our other mil spec packaging, give our office a call at 800-221-0918.

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