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EDCO Supply Corporation offers tons of different protective packaging solutions for all of your business needs. Each type of protective packaging has unique qualities and uses. We decided to break down some of the frequently asked questions about one of our most popular products. Desiccant packs are used by a variety of businesses for storing products and controlling moisture levels. They can save your products from a variety of damage risks and ensure that your products are arriving at their final destination in good condition. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about desiccant packs below.

What are desiccant packs?

Desiccant packs are packets of moisture absorbing materials, usually Silica gel or bentonite clay, that can help you control moisture and humidity levels in your packaging. Some forms of desiccant packs can even help reduce bad odors in packages. Contact EDCO Supply Corporation today to learn more about how desiccant packs can help your business.

How do desiccant packs work?

The Silica gel or bentonite clay within desiccant packs control moisture by absorbing it. They can absorb water and also substances like aromatics, CO2, C12, and more.

Do desiccant packs have a smell or taste?

No, desiccant packs are odorless and tasteless. This is important to note if you are planning to send food or vitamins and want to use desiccant packs to keep the packages free from moisture.

What kind of damage can desiccant packs protect from?

Desiccant packs can stop mold from growing. They can also keep products dry and humidity free. That means no spoiled products or damage from moisture.

Are desiccant packs reusable?

Desiccant packs are indeed reusable. You can use them multiple times without worrying about them losing their moisture absorption abilities. That means your customer can use them for other purposes after they receive a package. You can also save money by using them multiple times. Just make sure you are getting the best quality protective packaging from EDCO Supply Corporation to get the most value for your money.

How do I place an order?

EDCO Supply Corporation can help you with all of your protective packaging needs. Visit our website to learn more about purchasing protective packaging like desiccant packs. Your business and your customers deserve the best packaging on the market, which is why reaching out to EDCO is a fantastic and savvy business idea.

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