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At Edco Supply Corporation, we have a large line of protective packaging.  The great thing about having so many products is that each product has a specific purpose.  For example, our anti-static bags shield electronic devices from electrostatic fields.  Another great product that we have is military tape; we are one of the largest distributors of tape in the USA.  The different tapes that we have include masking tape, filament tape, PVC Tape, Copper foil tape, and military specification tapes.  Since every tape has a different purpose, it’s important to know the difference between the tapes.  In this article, we’re going to focus on filament tape.


Filament tape, otherwise known as strapping tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape.  This tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s coated onto a backing material, as well as fiberglass filaments embedded to add a high tensile strength.  Filament tape is usually used to close corrugated fiberboard boxes, reinforce packages, bundle items, unitize pallets, and other similar uses.  It also has different grades of strength; for instance, some have as much as 600 pounds of tensile strength per inch of width.


In addition to high tensile strength, it also has a good tear resistance because of its moisture and solvent resistance.  This means that it has the ability to maintain stability even when exposed to high humidity and changes in humidity.  For these reasons, filament tape is used in many industries.  One of the most important areas that it’s used in is in the military.  This is because the military often sends and stores oddly-shaped packages.  To keep these packages safe – even in changing weather conditions – filament tape is used to keep everything bundled together.


At Edco Supply Corporation, we know how important it is to have great quality military tape.  That’s why our NY warehouse holds over 10,000 cases of military tape.  The advantage of this is that our orders can ship the same day for next day delivery.  If you need a custom width, we can also convert our tape to fulfill our customers’ needs.  For more information, call us today.

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