Fascinating Unconventional Uses for Desiccant Packs

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The importance of desiccant packs in the shipping world is well known. These small packages of porous materials pack a serious punch when it comes to preventing moisture, odor, and chemical damage to a variety of products that are being shipped. Controlling mildew, mold, and moisture levels in a package are absolutely essential for any business that ships its products worldwide. The list of products that desiccant packs are essential for is nearly endless. Are you shipping life-saving medicine? Perhaps you are looking to send food across the country that arrives fresh and mold-free? Maybe you would sleep better knowing the packages of expensive electronics are moisture free? Desiccant packs are the answer.

Now that we have discussed the most practical and important uses for desiccant packs, let’s take a look at some of the more unconventional uses for these amazing packs of moisture reducing material.

Removing Moisture from Electronics

If you have just jumped in the swimming pool with your shiny and expensive cell phone, desiccant packs might be the answer to your problem. Water and electronics simply do not mix well. In today’s day and age, the prevalence of technology and the impact of electronics in our lives has brought the problem of removing moisture from electronics to the forefront. If your cell phone or electronic device has water damage, simply enclose the device in an airtight container with desiccant packs and let them go to work. The moisture will be directly absorbed by the desiccant pack and your phone can potentially be back to normal after only one night!

Prevent Mold and Unpleasant Odors on your Clothing

As mentioned earlier, desiccant packs are perfect for keeping products mold and moisture free during the shipping process. Why not utilize these powerful packs to prevent your clothes from succumbing to odor and mold as well? Perhaps the best idea is to place some desiccant packs in your gym bag, a natural habitat for unpleasant odors and mildew.

Protect Important Documents

We all have valuable documents that needed to be stored over time. Today’s technology is replacing this need to some extent, but we will always have a need for physical paper documents such as a birth certificate or social security card to safeguard. Placing desiccant packs in the folders, desks, safes, or boxes that house important paper documents can prevent mold and mildew from destroying the contents over time.

Desiccant packs are without a doubt one of the most valuable tools for avoiding moisture when shipping various products. As you can see, desiccant packs also have numerous additional uses that one would not normally consider. You can use desiccant packs to remove moisture from expensive water damaged electronics, prevent harsh mold and odors from affecting your clothing, and to protect important documents over time. We hope this article helps you save money and potential headaches in the future by utilizing the helpfulness of desiccant packs. To learn more about our products and services, call Edco Supply Corporation at 718-788-8108.

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