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When you think of protective packaging, what do you think of?  For most people, the first thing that comes to their mind are moisture barrier bags, desiccant packs, or even anti-static bags.  This is because these are popular products, as water and static are huge threats to sensitive products.  That being said, Edco Supply Corporation has a large line of protective packaging, including products that many clients have never considered, even though they’re very useful.  Take a look at some of these products.


Humidity Indicator Cards

As we said, some of our most popular products are the ones that protect against water.  Did you know that we also have humidity indicator cards?  These cards should be placed in packages to indicate the level of humidity that the product was exposed to.  This lets clients know if they’re desiccant packs really worked or if they need to enhance their packaging.


Military Tape

This product is so useful in almost every aspect of a business.  For packaging, military tape can hold together oddly-shaped packages.  The best part is that they also have so many other uses, such as holding together electrical wires and assisting in repairs.  At Edco, we have masking tape, filament tape, PVC tape, and copper foil tape, and more.


Commercial Poly Bags

Poly bags are an economical shipping choice that protect against dirt, moisture, and tampering.  Not only do we have ziplock bags, but tubing and sheeting as well.  All of our products are available from 1 mil to 8 mil in thickness.



Many people have great packaging on the inside, but forget to put a warning label on the outside.  The great thing about warning labels is that they let the carriers know how to handle the package.


Folding Cartons

Our reverse tuck folding cartons are great for inner packaging.  These packages contain a 60-pound bursting strength and a .024 bending chip; all packages also meet military specification PPP B-566.


To learn more about our protective packaging, contact our customer service representatives.

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