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The military, along with other industries, use many protective packaging to protect their products.  By doing so, their products can arrive without defects, preventing any returns or delayed procedures.  The protective packaging that is used depends on what kind of product needs to be protected.  Anti-static bags, for example, protect electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields, meaning they should be used with missiles, explosive powder, and other electro sensitive devices.

Another popular product is desiccant packs, which are used in many industries around the world.  Desiccant bags are drying agents that absorb moisture from its surrounding area.  Many people have seen or received desiccant packs in the mail, but aren’t familiar with the actual product.  This article answers some of the frequently asked questions over desiccant bags.


How are desiccant bags packaged?

Our desiccant bags are packaged in small sealed pouches made from Kraft Paper or Tyvek.  These materials are hard to tear, have high elasticity, and are economical.


How is desiccant purchased?

Desiccant bags are available in units and fractional units.  Each unit of desiccant absorbs a specific amount of moisture.  We have desiccant bags ranging from 1/6 unit to 80 units.


How much desiccant do I need?

There are different variables to consider while deciding how much desiccant that you’ll need, such as the material being protected, moisture surrounding the package, atmospheric condition, and volume of air space to be desiccated.  A general rule is that 1.2 units of desiccant will protect up to 1 cubic foot, but we can help you choose a more accurate amount of desiccant.


Can I reuse desiccant packs?

Yes!  Desiccant packs can last between 1 and 3 years, depending on the environment it was exposed to.

At Edco Supply Corporation, we manufacture desiccant packs because we know how crucial it is to keep your products protected.  We also have other mil-spec packaging to pair with your desiccant packs, if necessary.

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