Desiccant Packages: An Overview

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Protective packaging is a diverse and extensive subject. There are so many different types of protective packaging that provide protection against a variety of damages and elements. With so much variety, you can easily find a packaging option that meets your business qualifications.

If you are looking for something that protects your products or goods from moisture, look no further than desiccant packs. They usually come in tiny bags that have silica gel balls or bentonite clay. The materials within the bags are scientifically designed to take all of the moisture out of the air. EDCO Supply Corporation has been supplying military specification protective packaging for over 60 years. We wanted to provide a few details about desiccant packs below and the options that EDCO can supply for you!

There is a US military specification for silica gel and bentonite clay desiccants, Mil-D-3464E, that includes requirements for desiccant performance and packaging. Desiccant packs are essentially desiccants packaged in porous materials like Tyvek or Kraft paper. You can place the package in an area with high moisture levels and let the pack do the rest. EDCO offers military specification desiccant packs that are truly a quality product.

These packs absorb moisture, odors, and even chemicals to protect your products from any moisture-related damage. These can be useful in so many different ways, as water and moisture damage can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage. Products like semiconductors, food, machinery, and electronics all are susceptible to moisture-related damage. By making an investment in quality desiccant packs, you can prevent this from happening!

Another truly great feature of desiccant packs is the fact that they can be reused. This is attractive not only from an ecological footprint standpoint but also from a cost savings standpoint. In order to reactivate a desiccant pack, you can place the packs in a circulating oven and bake them to remove the moisture. Make sure the bags pass a durability test to ensure the seal is not compromised. All Mil-D products can be reactivated, which means you will get a lot of value from a purchase from EDCO Supply Corporation.

Desiccant packs are a great option for people looking for a high-quality safeguarding of products against moisture. EDCO Supply Corporation has a variety of options and price points to meet your needs. Give us a call today so we can start discussing how we can meet your protective packaging needs!

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