Desiccant Bags Benefits and Uses

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When it comes to protective packaging there is a huge variety of options available. However, desiccant bags are perhaps some of the most common and popular types of materials. These desiccant packs are usually filled with moisture and odor absorbent materials (typically silica gel). The role of these packs is indeed to absorb successfully any odor, moisture and even chemicals from the materials it protects (clothes, shoes, bags, etc.).

Desiccant bags are moisture repellent

One of the main roles of desiccant bags is to effectively absorb moisture. Water can be extremely damaging to a wide range of items. Just think about a nice leather wallet that is exposed to moisture levels while being stored in the warehouse. Moisture from the air infiltrates into the leather accessory, resulting in damages. However, most manufacturers will use such desiccant packs and place them within the accessories and items in order to get protection from moisture damages.

Desiccant packs can also offer protection against mold formation & rust

Desiccant bags are successfully used across a huge variety of fields. Water is the leading cause of rust and mold. Therefore, fashion items, electronics or even food can successfully be protected with such desiccant packs. Nobody wants to purchase a piece of fruit that has mold on it.

Desiccant bags and packs are highly versatile, being used across many industries. They help protecting against water and humidity damages in general. Desiccant packs can be safely used when packing, storing or shipping food items, clothing, different construction materials that need protection, electronics, and many others. It is important to mention that you can find such desiccant packs in different sizes and shapes, depending on your exact requirements.

Desiccant packs can also be reused several times, which means that they represent a smart investment. It is highly recommended to use such desiccant packs during the storage period, when items generally “sit” in a warehouse and they can be exposed to moisture damages quite fast. Desiccant packs represent important protective packaging items that are worth considering especially if you ship products to your customers or if you store items for lengthier periods.

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