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Edco Supply Corporation has been producing blankets and shrouds for over 30 years. Although packaging material usually doesn’t come wider than 60 inches we have developed processes to produce these wraps in unlimited sizes. It is very common for us to produce a blanket 20 feet x 25 feet. Although many of the uses are non military we will typically use military specification material because of its superior barrier properties and durable standards. Some of the more common materials used for these applications are MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 (film foil or Tyvek), Class 2 (Kraft Foil), or Class 3 (scrim foil). Our customers will use these blankets to wrap equipment which needs to be protected from moisture. Because moisture can damage their equipment they also will use large desiccant bags (16 and 80 unit) as an additional measure to absorb moisture.

When equipment is secured to skids Edco Supply Corporation can produce a set. A set is made up of a blanket going over the part and a base which covers the skid. The customer will seal the two together when preparing the equipment for shipping. Again, 16 unit or 80 unit desiccant bags can be used to absorb excess moisture. Many of our customers rely on Edco to help determine the type of material as well as the proper sizes of these blankets for the equipment being packaged.

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