Best Business Uses for Desiccant Packs

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As the owner of a business that deals with large amounts of physical product inventory, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that you have the right storage solution for keeping the product safe. Overlooking the importance of solid protective packaging can leave you with damaged products and unhappy customers. That’s why a company like EDCO Supply Corporation is such a valuable business partner to have.

EDCO Supply Corporation is an industry leader in providing protective packaging solutions to businesses in need of the best in protective packaging products. This article focuses on the immense value that desiccant packs can add to your business. Desiccant packs are small packages filled with moisture absorbing silica or bentonite gel. You might have seen them before in your shoebox if you’ve ever purchased a brand new pair of shoes. These packs are great at absorbing moisture, gas, and even odors. They have a large amount of internal surface area that can separate liquids from gases. Below, you will find some of the best business uses for desiccant packs.

Safeguarding Electronics Products

Most electronic devices are complex in their design. There are a variety of circuits, connections, and parts that are typically not made to be waterproof. That means that water and water vapor can easily damage electronics products that are essential to your business. One of the best business uses for desiccant packs is to use them to protect electronics products from corrosion and moisture damage. Compared to the cost of replacing electronics items, an investment in desiccants is an affordable alternative.

Safe Shipping

Shipping your products across the world can potentially cause lots of headaches for you and for your customers if you don’t choose the right products to store your goods. Desiccant packs are the solution. Just imagine your valuable goods sitting in the dark and damp cargo bay of a ship as they are transported across the sea. Desiccants would protect your goods in that particular situation and ensure that they arrive safe and sound to their final destination.

Keeping Food Products Fresh

Some types of food are stored over the long-term and require protective packaging that keeps them safe from moisture damage. Foods like dehydrated meats, grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables can be stored for very long periods of times thanks to the science behind desiccant packs. Mold is the biggest enemy when storing food products, but you can rest assured that you won’t have a problem when using desiccant packs to store your food.

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