Anti Static Bags and How They Benefit Your Business

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You might have heard about anti-static bags before but you aren’t sure about how they can actually benefit your business. The answer to that question is that anti-static bags are absolutely essential if you are dealing with electronics products. One of the main reasons that electronics get damaged is due to improper packaging choices. We are living in a world where electronics are part of our daily lives. That creates tons of opportunities for business owners looking to capitalize. However, electrostatic discharge poses a real risk to people in the electronics industry. Let’s take a look at anti-static bags and how they can benefit your business below.

What are anti-static bags?

This is protective packaging designed for one sole purpose: to protect the contents within from static damage. They function by preventing static electricity from building up within the packaging so that your products are kept safe. After you put your products or materials in anti-static bags, they will be safe from static damage until the packaging is opened again. Remember that you can purchase anti-static bags and the best mil-spec packaging from EDCO Supply Corporation today.

What is an electrostatic discharge?

You might have experienced an electrostatic discharge before simply by touching certain materials. Materials receive electric charges that build up due to electrons coming into contact with one another. The electron charges build up from pressure, heat, contact, and friction. These charges aren’t really harmful to us physically but they can be extremely damaging for products like semiconductors and other delicate electronic items. It’s always important to protect your products from electrostatic discharge. Otherwise, you could be paying for it later in terms of product replacements and your reputation with your customers.

Why is electrostatic discharge harmful to products?

Most electronics are made up of tons of tiny little parts. These parts are limited in terms of their thermal mass or their ability to resist quick temperature changes. Electrostatic discharges cause rapid temperature changes that can essentially fry small electronic components. That’s why protective packaging like anti-static bags are so important if you are in the electronics business.

If you own an electronics company or deal with electronics related products, you should definitely invest in anti-static bags for protection. Just one electrostatic discharge can cause tons of damage to your products.

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