5 Functions of Desiccant Packs

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Moisture is everywhere; it’s hard to escape.  Although some of us love it, while the rest of us don’t, there is one thing that we can all agree on: moisture can have a negative affect on our things.  This is why desiccant packs are so important.  The purpose of desiccants are to absorb the moisture, odor, and chemicals from the air.  To better understand their importance, we’ve identified 5 of the functions of desiccant packs.


Prevents Electronic Devices From Malfunctioning

Even if an electronic device wasn’t submerged in liquid, it can still be affected by the humidity in the air.  This is because there could be a formation of condensation on the internal components, therefore causing the device to be broken or damaged.


Saves the Texture of Food

There are many different types of food that have fragile textures that could be affected by moisture.  Consider coffee or tea, for instance.  If these items are exposed to humidity, it could cause them to clump together, therefore ruining it’s texture.


Prevents Mold From Forming

Water is one of the components that causes mold to grow.  That being said, when there is humidity in the air, it could cause mold to form on different surfaces, therefore ruining those products.


Prevents Corrosion

Water can be corrosive to most metals.  As we know, corrosion gradually destructs metals and can cause them not to work, which is why desiccant packs should be used to absorb the humidity.


Protects Items During Shipping and Long-Term Storage

Desiccants are important during shipment because we never know what type of environment that they’ll be exposed to.  That being said, they’re also necessary during storage, especially if they’re being stored in an area with a lot of humidity.

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