4 Undeniable Reasons Businesses Continue To Depend On Edco For Mil Spec Packaging

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Edco Supply Corporation has been a thriving mil spec packaging company for 60 plus years. So what on earth is it that makes us so special that we’ve managed to stay in business since the 50s? Well, we’re not fortunetellers. But we suspect that the following facts about Edco may have something to do with it.

We take quality standards extremely seriously

One of the most attractive features of Edco’s services is the fact that our packaging is of military specification grade. That is to say, we supply strictly the very best quality packaging products possible. We figured our clients deserve the best. And we see no reason why we shouldn’t be the ones to give it to them.

We’re always looking to get better

We’ve constantly committed ourselves to finding new ways to make operations run more smoothly by establishing continuous improvement programs. These programs are simply a part of our every day. It is the mission of every Edco employee to always be thinking of new ways to make today more productive than yesterday. The years have taught us that the key factor in doing so is making sure the clients are happy.

Nothing leaves our manufacturers without individual inspection

Every single mil spec packaging order from Brooklyn to Canada always receives an individual inspection from one of our expert employees. Once the inspector has approved that the packaging order has no damage or signs that it is of any thing short of the top possible condition, he or she will sign the order with a certificate of compliance and then ship it to the client. This certificate provides peace of mind for our clients, allowing them to rest assured that Edco has taken good care of their packaging order.

We have excellent customer service

Our customer service representatives (CSR) know every single one of our products inside and out. So for whichever questions or inquiries you may have, be it about mil spec packaging, anti-static bags and static shielding bags, desiccant packs, or any number of our other products and services, our CSRs will have an answer for you. We are especially knowledgeable about military contracts. Whatever the specifications, we’ve got someone who’s familiar and can help you get the supplies you need in the place you need them on time. Moreover, if your knowledge is limited on the matter, our CSRs would be more than happy to help walk you through the different military specifications and packaging methods that the United States military requires. This will help ensure that your company receives strictly the best of the best.

So whether you’re ready to make your mil spec packaging order or you’d like to speak with a CSR to clear up some questions, we want to hear from you. Give Edco a call today at 718-788-8108.

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