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Edco Supply Corporation is a packaging company that converts and supplies military specification, or rather, mil spec packaging across the United States and in parts of Canada in the province of Quebec. Our business to business services and products are diverse, far reaching, and above all, the most reliable on the market. By choosing Edco as your packaging supplier, you’re ensuring that whatever products you plan to transport will arrive at their destinations safely and in tip-top shape. Have we not convinced you? Here are 4 more reasons why Edco is the way to go.

Our expanding selection of packaging products are always of the best available quality

We founded Edco in 1954 as a mil spec packaging company. Over time, we expanded our repertoire to include anti-static bags and static shielding bags for protecting electronics from electrostatic discharge (ESD), as well as desiccant packs for companies who wish to protect their products from moisture and water damage. More recently, we’ve also added commercial barrier material, indicator cards, folding cartons, and more. It’s thanks to this expanding selection and our unrelenting dedication to our clients, providing top quality service every day, that we’ve managed to remain a leader in our field for over 60 years.

We have numerous manufacturing plants and supply to businesses across the nation

Our primary manufacturing has always been in Brooklyn, New York. But we also have distribution centers in Dayton, Ohio and Quebec, Canada. That allows us to extend our reach and ensure that no matter what our clients need or where they need it, we can make it happen.

We’re a family owned business

We’re proud of the fact that we built this company from the ground up. It was our passion and dedication to our clients that allowed us to remain in business for over 6 consecutive decades. Such loyalty, endurance and consistency is the result of our grassroots values. Our clients recognize this when they work with us. They know that when they call Edco because they need the best packaging around that they’re going to speak to a real human being who is going to make it his or her top priority to deliver on precisely what the client asks for.

Our staff has more experience than our competition

Nearly everyone on our staff has at least a decade of experience in mil spec packaging converting and supplies services. That’s more than any of our competitors can say, which is what distinguishes us from them. Several of our veteran employees have been with us for as long as 20 and some even 30 or more years. We’ve managed to retain this level of loyalty from our employees because we treat them right. The reason we can treat them right is because we treat our clients right, which allows business to remain strong, which allows employees to remain happy.

If you’d like to learn more about Edco’s mil spec packaging services, or would like to place an order for any of our diverse selection of packaging products, please give us a call today at 718-788-8108 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss details with you.

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