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For those of you that ship packages across the country (or world), or put your inventory in long-term storage, it’s important that you keep your items protected.  By doing so, you’ll save yourself and your company money in the long-run, as you won’t have to replace items that weren’t properly protected.  This is where protective packaging comes in hand; these are products that are designed to protect goods from different threats, such as moisture, electrostatic discharge, and corrosion.  Although protective packaging will save you money, it’s also an extra expense that you need to add to your business.  That’s why you can follow these tips to get the best deals from Edco Supply Corporation.


Get a Discount on Your First Order

At Edco, we give all of our new customers a 10% discount on their first purchase.  That way, customers can try our products at a discounted price and then decide if they want to continue using them.  


Check Out Our Overstock Specials

Every month, we have deals on our excess inventory items or returned items.  Edco guarantees that all items are free of defects, while still complying with current military standards.  To learn more about our monthly specials, you can read more about it here.  You can also sign up for our Newsletter so you never miss out on any deals.


Talk with Our Customer Service Representatives

Before you place an order, we recommend speaking to our representatives.  The reason being is that they have many years of experience in the industry, meaning they can help you understand what protective packaging that you need in order to better protect your items.  This way you won’t waste any time or money ordering products that don’t serve you.


If you have any questions about what protective packaging you need or how to use them, contact us today.

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