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At Edco Supply Corporation, we are mil-spec packaging experts.  Over the decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve trained our employees to learn everything about the industry, and we’ve also expanded our line of products.  As of today, we have protective packaging for every type of product.  Although we have many products, this article identifies 3 of the most common products that can be used in the military, for business purposes, and in everyday life.


Military Tape

This is on the list because of its many uses.  To start, there are different types of military tape, including PVC tape, filament tape, copper foil tape, and other military specification tapes.  The advantage of having so many different tapes is that each tape has a different purpose.  For instance, copper foil tape is weather and chemical resistant.  That’s why it’s used in so many industries.


Desiccant Packs

Next on the list is desiccant packs because of their versatility.  The purpose of desiccants are to absorb the moisture, odors, and chemicals from the environment.  This is super crucial, as products from almost every industry can be damaged by humidity.  This includes electronics, food, fertilizer, lawn and garden items, and much more.


Anti-Static Bags

In today’s world, everything revolves around electronics.  The unfortunate thing about electronics, however, is that they can be damaged easily.  Aside from water damage, they also face the threat of electrostatic discharge.  To prevent this from happening, anti-static bags are used to create a Faraday cage effect around the electronic devices.


These are just 3 of the common products that we manufacture, but we have a large variety.  For more information, contact us at Edco Supply Corporation.

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