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What is MIL-STD-310?

One of our articles this month discusses Military Standard 2073, which is a rule applied to mil-spec packaging to protect against environmentally induced deterioration of products.  For more information, follow this link to the article (attach to first blog).  As we’re exploring the different regulations that the military has on mil-spec packaging, there’s another rule [...]

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Military Clothing and Desiccant Packs

Many times there are military bases that are far from cities; this can happen in the United States or abroad.  When these bases are isolated, it means that it’s even more important that the soldiers are shipped the necessary supplies to survive.  There are regulations for packaging, as well as shipping, so that these products [...]

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Using Desiccant Packs for Your Next Move

Moving into a new home is a lot of work, not only do you need to pack all of your stuff, but you will need to get rid of old stuff that you don’t want to bring with you as well.  Needless to say, it’s a long process, and very tiring.  Once you move into [...]

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The Use of Tape in the Military

Soldiers in the military work in high stress environments, whether they are on a base camp or completing a mission in the field.  Because of their extreme environment, they strive to keep everything uniform so that everything functions as it should.  If something goes wrong, it could delay the whole mission that they are working [...]

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What Is a Faraday Cage Effect?

For those of us that utilize electronics often, such as our phones and laptops, we know that exposure to static electricity can be very harmful to these items.  The charge from the static-electricity could cause junction breakdown, melted metal, or even oxide failure.  Since electronics are becoming more and more utilized in today’s world, there [...]

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Desiccant Packs at Edco Supply Corporation

The military, along with other industries, use many protective packaging to protect their products.  By doing so, their products can arrive without defects, preventing any returns or delayed procedures.  The protective packaging that is used depends on what kind of product needs to be protected.  Anti-static bags, for example, protect electronic devices from ESD and [...]

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Can I Reuse My Desiccant Pack?

Desiccant packs absorb moisture from the air to keep products dry.  There are different types of bags, such as molecular sieve, montmorillonite clay, calcium chloride, and the typical silica gel.  Desiccant bags can be tailored to serve specific functions such as eliminating and absorbing oxygen from a closed container, combating mildew, and inhibiting rust.  Many different [...]

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The Importance of Mil-Spec Packaging

Uniformity is very important in the U.S. military because when there’s consistency, there’s efficiency.  They have even assigned each branch an appropriate uniform depending on their branch.  Another area where the military benefits from consistency is in their mil-spec packaging.  The military became aware that they needed mil-spec packaging during World War II, when they [...]

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Military Vs. Commercial Uses of Our Products

At Edco Supply Corporation, we are the leading converter and supplier of mil-spec packaging.  All of our products meet U.S. military requirements and we provide a signed certificate of compliance so that you can feel confident that our products will meet any military specifications.  We are proud of our large line of mil-spec packaging, but [...]

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