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3 Amazing EDCO Supply Corporation Protective Packaging Products

EDCO Supply Corporation has been putting out an impressive array of protective packaging products for over sixty years. We are proud of all of our products and the diverse ways in which they benefit our clients. EDCO is a family run business with our primary manufacturing facility residing in Brooklyn, New York. We are focused [...]

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3 Packaging Trends to Look Out for in 2018

The way businesses ship and package products is evolving on a daily basis. Shifts in the way consumers shop and purchase products are transforming the way goods are packaged and delivered. It’s important to keep up with new trends to ensure your business doesn’t get left in the past. EDCO Supply Corporation provides a large [...]

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Why Antistatic Bags Can Save You Money

If you’ve ever purchased something along the lines of a video card, a sound card, memory chip, or a hard drive for your computer, you might have noticed the shiny protective bags that they came in. These are special bags designed to protect electronic components and additional products that are susceptible to damage through static [...]

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3 Powerful Moisture Prevention Products from EDCO Supply

Moisture can wreak havoc on physical products in all industries. It is a worthy adversary that will seriously damage products and goods and end up costing your business thousands of dollars if not properly dealt with. Simply stated, if your business involves shipping or storing physical materials and products, you have to keep moisture prevention [...]

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Why Using VCI Bags Will Save you Money

Imagine you are a manufacturing company that is shipping hundreds of metal parts across the world every day. You receive an inquiry from one of your customers after they obtain one of your shipments. The client lets you know that the metal products are extremely corroded and rusty due to the lack of protective packaging [...]

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What Types of Businesses Does EDCO Supply Benefit the Most?

There is a vast number of businesses that are shipping products across the world on a daily basis with a strong need for protective packaging to ensure that their products are reaching customers in great condition. These businesses need look no further than EDCO Supply. EDCO has a vast array of competitively priced protective packaging [...]

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3 Important Reasons for Using VCI Bags

In today’s shipping world, if you are sending something made of metal, a VCI bag can be the difference maker between a successful shipment or a rusty delivery. VCI is short for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, which basically means that VCI bags will protect your metal shipments from expensive corrosive damage. Metal can be a very [...]

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3 Business Trends Impacting the Need for Protective Packaging

Being a business owner is more than a full time job, it’s a lifestyle. You live and breathe your business when you are an entrepreneur. Every day, there are loads of decisions to make that will impact the success of your business and your bottom line. When you have a products based business, proper protective [...]

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Fascinating Unconventional Uses for Desiccant Packs

The importance of desiccant packs in the shipping world is well known. These small packages of porous materials pack a serious punch when it comes to preventing moisture, odor, and chemical damage to a variety of products that are being shipped. Controlling mildew, mold, and moisture levels in a package is absolutely essential for any [...]

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Industrial Uses for Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure that the quality standards of their particular products and applications are met. Their use is common among several industries in order to prevent moisture in the package or leaking on it. Some of the most popular industries using these are food, shipping and [...]

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