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How The Largest Employer In The World Makes Mil Spec Packaging Essential

If you had to guess, what would you say is the single biggest employer on the planet? As it turns out Wal-Mart is only third place. If you guessed the United States military, you guessed right. What that means is that the U.S. military is responsible for some of the biggest shipments and distribution of [...]

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The Science Behind Water Damage

Moisture Barrier Bags Imagine you are responsible for the shipment of the latest model of iPhone to a series of cell phone stores across the state. It’s hurricane season, which means that even if your state is nowhere near an actual hurricane, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some heavy rains at least. Moisture is [...]

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Why Businesses Use Edco’s Static Shielding Bags and Moisture Barrier Bags

For any industry that manufactures and distributes any kind of tangible, material product, Edco Supply Corporation can help make your company run smoother. Our mil spec packaging exceeds industry standards, ensuring that whatever your company needs to transport, we have just the kind of packaging to do it. Here is a brief description of two [...]

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What Makes The Edco Staff Unique?

At Edco, we value experience, an open mind to new ideas, and the ability to communicate clearly and patiently with clients and customers, no matter their needs. We didn’t get to where we are today through luck. We got here through hard work and perseverance, which would not have been possible without the right people [...]

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Moisture Protection And Corrosion Prevention With No Exceptions

This is why businesses from throughout of the United States and Canada are choosing Edco as their mil spec packaging provider. Moisture Barrier Bags and Materials Minimize the amount of oxygen, moisture, and water vapor that can enter your packaging, all for the right price. Edco’s barrier materials are an affordable solution to a simple [...]

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4 Interesting Facts About Edco

Edco Supply Corporation is a packaging company that converts and supplies military specification, or rather, mil spec packaging across the United States and in parts of Canada in the province of Quebec. Our business to business services and products are diverse, far reaching, and above all, the most reliable on the market. By choosing Edco [...]

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4 Undeniable Reasons Businesses Continue To Depend On Edco For Mil Spec Packaging

Edco Supply Corporation has been a thriving mil spec packaging company for 60 plus years. So what on earth is it that makes us so special that we’ve managed to stay in business since the 50s? Well, we’re not fortunetellers. But we suspect that the following facts about Edco may have something to do with [...]

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The 3 Kinds Of Moisture That Edco’s Desiccant Packs Can Prevent From Damaging Your Electronics

Desiccant packs are what one uses to protect a product in transit or in storage from experiencing water damage. The packs absorb the moisture, whatever kind of moisture that may be, effectively preventing the product from experiencing corrosion. When one packages a product that is at risk of water damage in a small space, the [...]

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Strengthen Your Business’s Bottom Line With EDCO’s VCI Paper

As a company owner in charge of maintaining any brand of metals in storage or in transit, the goal, first and foremost, is to prevent the rusting of said metals at all costs. Moreover, as a business owner, one must also inherently consider how to go about doing so in the least expensive way possible [...]

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Why Water Is So Damaging To Electronics And How To Keep Them Dry

You are in the business of electronics. You are in the digital age, which means whatever kind of electronics you offer, business is probably going pretty well. That means that a lot of people are relying on you to keep your electronics safe from physical harm. That entails protecting them from trauma in transit. But [...]

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